How do I get my 5% back on purchases?

All Lowe’s PreLoad accounts will earn a 5% Statement Credit* on all purchases made with Lowe’s PreLoad Card at participating Lowe's stores and online at or

The 5% statement credit is calculated based on your net purchases (purchases – returns) for each calendar month. The credit will then be applied to your Lowe’s PreLoad Vault on the 15th of the following month. For example, net settled purchases made in March will be reflected in your vault on April 15th.

Please note that some transactions may take a few days to settle and therefore may not appear until the following month’s Statement Credit.

A history of statement credits is visible in the Company Vault section of your Lowe’s PreLoad account.

If you have any additional questions on your 5% Statement Credit please connect with our Support team 1-855-515-5214 or