What do I do when my Lowe's PreLoad card arrives?

When you receive your Lowe's PreLoad card, please read over your card carrier and sign the back of your new Lowe's PreLoad card.


  1. Retrieve the Welcome email that was sent to you.
  2. Select the appropriate link to download the Lowe's PreLoad app on your phone, or select the Desktop.
  3. Enter your username (your email address).
  4. Enter the password you had set during your application process. If you need this reset, please contact support@lowespreload.com or call 855-515-5214

Add Employees to your new Lowe's PreLoad account:

  1. Select TEAM from menu bar on the left-hand side.
  2. Select ADD TEAM MEMBER located on the top right-hand side.
  3. Enter the employee's First Name, Last Name, and email address. You can also select the ADD AS ADMINISTRATOR icon. Administrators on the account will be able to approve/deny funding requests, add employees, pull reporting data, and view into other employee’s transactions.

An invitation will be sent to the employee. They will have to claim the invitation and enter the information requested. Once the invitation is claimed, they will be added to your Lowe's PreLoad account, and a card will be created for them and shipped to the business address on file for your Lowe’s PreLoad account.

Add a Bank to your Lowe's PreLoad account to fund it:

Click here to learn how to fund your Lowe's PreLoad Account.


  1. Retrieve the invitation that was sent to you by your Company Administrator.
  3. Enter the requested information.

If your Administrator has not already sent you funds, you can now request funds to be sent to your card. If your Administrator has funded the account and approves the request, the funds will immediately be moved to your Lowe's PreLoad card.

  1. Select YOUR CARD from the menu bar on the top left-hand side.
  2. Select REQUEST FUNDS.
  3. Enter the amount you need to make your purchase.
  4. Enter a description of what the funds will be used for.
  5. Select REQUEST FUNDS.

A notification will be sent to your Administrator. They will have to approve the request before the funds are moved.